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Security Systems

We offer a range of security systems suitable for businesses of all sizes along with the knowledge to offer intruder risk assessment for potential security vulnerabilities.

Burglar Alarms and Intruder Alarms

Green Planet Security provide standard panel-wired, wireless panel linked and hybrid burglar alarm systems.

Perimeter Security Systems

Although developed as a deterrent for external intruders, perimeter security systems must also be designed to monitor the grounds of a business complex or residential estate.

Manned Security Solutions

With the increasing use of remote CCTV monitoring, use of security guards in the conventional sense has decreased, especially given the cost-effectiveness of modern security technologies.

Security and Prevention Advice

Visible warnings and electronic surveillance will go far to deter and prevent intrusion.

Fire Hazard Solutions

We provide fire hazard solutions to businesses and homes in Bedford and the surrounding shires.

Commercial and Residential Fire Alarms

The are three common types of monitoring and alarm panels: conventional, addressable and wireless systems.

Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Extinguishers at Work and Home

There are four types of fire extinguisher in general use: water, foam, dry power and CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Fire Risk Assessments

Green Planet Fire and Security adopt a proactive risk assessment strategy; we seek the worst scenario but advise for the best.

Fire Safety Training

Since the 2005 legislative statute it has become a legal requirement for business staff to be made aware of and to undertake a fire training safety course.

Fire and Exit Route Signage

As well as supplying and fitting exit route signage, Green Planet can perform a risk and compliance assessment.

CCTV Security Systems

The proliferation of CCTV cameras across Britain has fuelled speculation that the British are the most watched nation on the planet.

Standard CCTV Camera Systems

Standard CCTV systems utilise camera that are either hard-wired or wirelessly linked to a central control panel or hub.

IP CCTV Camera Systems

IP CCTV camera systems employ digital signal technology to produce high resolution, sharp video imagery.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Whether you are seeking a single video entry solution or require multiple units, Green Planet Fire and Security will provide and install the video entry system best suited to your needs.

Security Access and Control

Green Planet Security provide access control systems to commercial and residential properties, ranging from simple intercom systems to sophisticated biometric and CCTV solutions.

Audio Entry Systems

Audio entry systems have waned in popularity now that video technology has matured and the cost of implementing a compact audio-video solution has dropped.

Video Entry Systems

Commercial video entry systems are fast becoming the norm for visitor identification, especially for entry to high security buildings.

PC-Based Entry Systems

IP-addressable, PC-based business intranet technology means a suitably equipped PC linked to a business network can view and respond to video entry.

Entry and Exit Security Barriers

Commercial entry/exit security barriers will likely be gate-lift or raised road-block barrier types operated automatically by card-swipe or bar-code scanner.

Biometric Entry Systems

Biometric door entry systems are becoming commonplace now because of cheap powerful microchips and intelligent software.


Green Planet Fire and Security provide peace of mind for business and home owners by ensuring they are properly alerted to fire and security threats.

About Green Planet

We protect businesses and homes of all sizes with fire and security systems from a simple smoke detector to comprehensive remote CCTV monitored commercial solutions.

SSAIB Accredited Security Installer

As SSAIB security accredited alarm installers we have a thorough knowledge of the risks and hazards associated with commercial and domestic fires and intruders.

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It is only through repeated, successful, quality security installation work that we maintain our excellent client rapport and track record.

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