Security and Prevention Advice

Security and Prevention Advice

From the casual thief to the habitual or professional criminal, each category of intruder will evaluate the risk of apprehension based upon the signs and prevention measures a business or home will have taken to protect the property. The more prominently you display your security measures, the less the risk of intrusion.

Commercial Prevention Advice

Commercial security advice and intruder prevention (or internal security compromise) is an integral part of the risk assessment analysis undertaken on your business premises. Prevention is intrinsic to security since it establishes and is based upon the security class level of the business. Prevention is better than cure—which is the view of your insurance company, and consequent premium of your policy.

Residential Prevention Advice

Safeguarding your home against intrusion from burglars or those with violent purpose is becoming more of a prerequisite than the norm. Domestic intrusions are mostly perpetrated by opportunistic thieves but there are instances of grudge attacks. Safeguarding your home against either form of risk is a matter of showing you are ready and equipped to thwart intruders who would invade your home.

Violation Prevention Solutions

Those who might attempt to violate your business or home must be subject to the strictest judicial sanctions - but all too often there is insufficient evidence to convict with assurety. Visible warnings and electronic surveillance will go far to deter and prevent intrusion. But should a compromise occur your countermeasures will likely assure conviction and incarceration is not exception to the rule.

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