Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter Security Systems

Although developed as a deterrent for external intruders, perimeter security systems must also be designed to monitor the grounds of a business complex or residential estate in the event of barrier compromise or when specific internal areas are designated as restricted to security cleared staff or other privileged personnel.

Commercial Perimeter Security

Commercial perimeter security is generally achieved using CCTV cameras and dependant on installation practicability, will either be hard-wired to a central monitoring station or deliver a wireless signal into the system. Since by their nature they are external, many systems incorporate tamper-proof safeguards against loss or disruption of signal.

Residential Perimeter Security

Aside from the obvious use in country estates or to protect domestic properties with large grounds, perimeter security may also be employed in private estates housing a number of dwellings whose residents support a centrally monitored system to safeguard their homes, families and property. Such systems often remotely monitored 24-hours a day.

Perimeter Security Systems

All contemporary new commercial developments will factor in perimeter security where appropriate to the design of the complex. However, there will be instances where archaic systems become vulnerable or unmanned facilities, such as a car park, will need an overhaul or a new perimeter security system installed to monitor vehicles.

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