Manned Security Solutions

Manned Security

With the increasing use of remote CCTV monitoring, use of security guards in the conventional sense has decreased, especially given the cost-effectiveness of modern security technologies. However, there are situations that dictate either temporary or permanent manned security solutions, such as a construction site or bank.

Commercial Manned Security

The days of night watchman are gone, updated by high-tech security solutions. Or have they? Modern commerce frequently entails communications with businesses operating 24 hours a day. Nighttime entry to such premises, particularly those housing many independent companies, may be overseen by security staff who man phones as well as CCTV.

Residential Manned Security

Residential manned security is largely restricted to the estates of prominent government or business figures whose visibility in political or commercial circles demands a high level of protection. Such security measures invariably involve highly trained, dedicated personnel operating in teams, where the risk is more to the individual than to property.

Manned Security Solutions

Green Planet Security can provide industrial, commercial and office security personnel, trained to approved security clearance levels. You may require CCTV monitoring, patrol guards or need client-facing staff capable of acquitting themselves in diverse roles covering multiple duties. We can supply reliable staff to do exactly that.

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