IP CCTV Camera Systems

IP CCTV Security Systems

IP CCTV camera systems employ digital signal technology to produce high resolution, sharp video imagery. They are also a more flexible solution since cameras can be integrated quickly into a building's LAN infrastructure and images transported across a network to one or multiple receiving monitors.

Commercial IP CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV cameras are each uniquely addressable and can be tilted, panned and zoomed and deliver particularly bright and sharp video imagery. They can be remotely manipulated with ease through software from PCs connected to the business LAN, with imagery digitally stored on a local network server or piped to a remote monitoring station.

Residential IP CCTV Cameras

Residential IP CCTV cameras are identical to those employed in business systems but are generally considerably smaller. The CMOS sensor technology which captures the imagery has matured in recent years offering with the more expensive models delivering almost professional broadcast quality video imagery to be viewed and captured.

IP CCTV Camera Systems

Although IP CCTV camera security solution are sometimes challenging to setup and administer because they are reliant upon the integrity of the transport mechanism - the business LAN or WAN - they are the preferred solution where exceptional image clarity and remote operability are required or when images must be viewed on a number of PCs.

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