Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems

When an alarm sensor is tripped it triggers either a silent or audible alarm, alerts a CCTV camera to seek and track the intruder whilst simultaneously sending a signal to one or multiple CCTV monitors located within the business complex or to a dedicated monitoring station perhaps many miles away, relaying live video of the event.

Commercial CCTV Monitoring

Where it is either impracticable of cost-prohibitive to employ on-site security personnel, remote CCTV monitoring represents an affordable solution to guarding your premises against unauthorised intrusion. Staff at the remote monitoring service respond instantly to alerts, assessing the threat then alerting the authorities and, where stipulated, advising management staff of the compromise.

Residential CCTV Monitoring

The same principles and procedures apply to domestic properties equipped with remote CCTV monitoring, where the alert signal and video are transmitted via landline or wirelessly. With remote CCTV monitoring, the family holiday becomes, as it should be, a carefree break and you are confident in the knowledge that your property is securely monitored and guarded in your absence.

CCTV Monitoring Solutions

Regardless of whether you require a complete remote CCTV monitoring solution installed from scratch or you wish to adapt your existing CCTV system, Green Planet Fire and Security will perform a risk assessment, offer guidance and set forth recommendations then expedite the entire solution, swiftly, cleanly and efficiently. Remote CCTV monitoring is the inexpensive security guard.

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SSAIB Accredited & BSI Standards Compliant Remote CCTV Monitoring

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