PC-Based Entry Systems

PC Based Entry Systems

Dedicated video entry monitoring stations are now usually restricted to remote CCTV monitoring businesses because IP-addressable, PC-based business intranet technology means a suitably equipped PC linked to a business network can view and respond to video entry requests or at least view the live video feed.

Commercial PC-Based Systems

As the video signal transport architecture, ethernet or similar network, is already in place, little work is required to connect a video entry CCTV or similar camera, other than to a network socket and power supply. Once powered up, the entry camera is recognised as just another networked device, rather like a shared workhorse printer of scanner.

Residential PC-Based Systems

Most homes across the UK have internet access afforded through either a fixed fibre optic modem link or wireless router, enabling more than one PC or laptop to simultaneously surf the web. Such households can take advantage of residual bandwidth to receive wireless signals from an IP-based audio-video entry system.

PC-Based Entry Solutions

For professional commercial PC-based entry solutions Green Planet recommend cabled rather than wireless video entry systems because the quality of signal is generally better, with little or no risk of corruption or stability if properly installed. High quality wireless solutions are available but they are invariably more expensive than cabled solutions.

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