Biometric Entry Systems

Biometric Entry Systems

Biometric door entry systems are becoming commonplace now because of cheap powerful microchips and intelligent software. Businesses and hotels no longer have to worry about the cost and inconvenience of replacing lost swipe cards. Retinal rather than fingerprint scanning is an alternative hi-tech entry solution.

Commercial Biometric Systems

One of the key benefits of biometric entry systems, especially when fully implemented, is the automatic logging of staff or guest movements in and out of the hotel or business premises, not so much for duty or occupancy monitoring but as a security measure in the event of fire or disaster when all occupants must be accounted for.

Residential Biometric Systems

Because of the now lowering costs of biometric systems it is feasible to install such a system in a residential property. Quite apart from the novelty value of owning your own fingerprint biometric entry system, the practical benefits are no more lost keys and the potential increase in could add to the value of the property.

Biometric Entry Solutions

It is unlikely your business requires the sophistication and expense of a retinal scanning system—unless you are head of security for a military weapons research establishment. However, fingerprint entry-exit systems represent a valuable investment where staff locations within a building or complex must be monitored or accounted for.

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